Galaxy Heist is a single player and online co-op game for PC and Xbox One

Each warp jump forward presents a new challenge to you and your crew.  The farther into the Galaxy you travel, the more difficult it becomes as things start to look less and less like home.  Keep your ship operational at all costs, its your only life line.

main features

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    Captain a Ship

    Use your ship to travel across the Galaxy, finding new areas of space and new things to dock at to explore.

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    upgrade your ship

    Make ship improvements as you go to help you survive. Stronger doors or backup oxygen? Chose your upgrades wisely.

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    Control Damage

    You’ll need to defend your ship while also stopping the spread of damage from the inside.

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    Dynamic AI

    Meet new AI while exploring and bring them on board to help. Or get attacked and boarded by not so friendly AI.

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    Online Co-op

    Team up with your friends online while you navigate through space together. Teamwork will be essential in getting past certain obstacles.

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    Balance ship systems

    From coolant levels, to engine power, lighting surges, and oil pressure, keeping the ship operational will take a skilled engineer.

Early Access Testing Open!

Current Pre-Alpha progress

We’re working hard to get Galaxy Heist to a more playable state as well eliminate as many bugs as possible so that you can enjoy the game even in its early stages.  If you’ve helped us out, then thank you so much, it only encourages us to work harder. The below graph is to show how long until testing and playble versions will be in full swing.

3D Models
Ship Systems

Latest update screenshot

Currently setting up the AI ships docking and AI enemies forcing themselves into your ship.


They haven’t been contacted yet. They will be contacted.
We haven’t found a sweet spot for team size yet but probably about 6 people per ship.
The price will climb to about $20 by the time we get to final release.

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“I love hearing from anyone interested in Galaxy Heist, don’t hesitate to say hi!” -Ryan, GH Founder

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